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  The organisation of the EAA

The EAA is a fully democratic body which consists of various boards and committees whose members are chosen through an annual election process. The activities of the Association are co-ordinated through these groups together with a full-time Secretariat. Each year the EAA recruits a local body to organise the EAA Annual Meetings.

The Election Process

The EAA Executive Board consists of three Officers (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and six Ordinary Members. Each term on the Executive Board is for a three year period. One Officer and two Ordinary Members retire from the Execuitve Board each year at the Annual Business Meeting. No member of the Executive Board can serve for more than two consecutive terms.

Each Full Member is entitled to nominate candidates for election (provided they are supported by another ten Full members) and to vote for one candidate for each vacant post. Nominees must be Full Members of the EAA. Executive Board members are also entitled to nominate candidates for consideration. Voting takes places by mail ballot or votes can be submitted at the EAA Annual Meeting traditionally held in September. Results of the elections are announced at the Annual Business Meeting held on the last day of the Annual Meeting.

The Executive Board can also make up to three co-options each year either to fill the places of elected members who are unable to fulfil their duties or who can specifically assist their work in some way.

EJA Editor and Editorial Board members are nominated by the EAA Executive Board.

The TEA Editor is appointed by the Executive Board and also sits as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Executive Board.

The Role of the Nomination Committee

A Nomination Committee of three members is elected by the Members at the Annual Business Meeting. Nomination Committee Members serve for periods of three years, one retiring in rotation each year. No serving member of the Board may be appointed to membership of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee represents different geographical areas in Europe to ensure broad knowledge of potential candidates and fairness in the selection process.

According to the EAA Statutes, this Committee is responsible for nominating candidate(s) for vacant positions on the Executive Board and ensure a broad geographical representation with respect to age, institutional affiliation, gender and editorial expertise where relevant.

For a list of the current members of the Boards and Committees go to: EAA Board and Committee Members.