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JEA 1.1


Kristian Kristiansen: 'The Strength of the past and its great might'; an essay on the use of the past. 
Anders Andrén: Doors to other worlds: Scandinavian death rituals in Gotlandic perspectives. 
J. D. Hill: Can we recognise a different European past? A contrastive archaeology of later prehistoric settlements in southern England. 
Michael Shanks: Style and the design of a perfume jar from an archaic Greek city state. 
Ulrich Veit: Burials within settlements of the Linienbandkeramik and Stichbandkeramik cultures of central Europe. On the social construction of death in early-Neolithic society. 
Arkadiusz Marciniak: Cultural adaptive strategies in the Neolithic in central Europe within the context of palaeodemographic studies. 
Svend Th. Andersen: Early- and middle-Neolithic agriculture in Denmark: pollen spectra from soils in burial mounds of the Funnel Beaker culture. 
Roel W. Brandt: Problems encountered in working abroad. 
Kristian Kristiansen: Exploring the limits: an interview with Leo Klejn.

Review Section:

Eugen M Kolpakov: Two sides of a coin: classification in theory and practice. 
Jean-Paul Demoule: Sur les traces des Indo-Europeanistes 
Jarl Nordbladh: Tilley's N&aumlmforsen;
Zois Antonis, Archaeology in Greece: realities and prospects (Yannis Hamilakis) 
Richard Bradley, The Passage of Arms. An archaeological analysis of prehistoric hoards and votive deposits (Michael Rowlands). 
Klavs Randsborg, The first Millennium A.D. in Euorpe and the Mediterranean. An archaeological essay (Edward Jones).

JEA 1.2

Andrew Sherrat: What would a Bronze-Age world system look like? Relations between temperate Euorpe and the Mediterranean in later prehistory.
Stephen Shennan: Commodities, transactions and growth in the central-European early Bronze Age. 
Vladimír Salac: Production and exchange during the La Tene period in Bohemia. 
Zofia Anna Stos-Gale: The origin of metals from the Roman-period levels of a site in southern Poland. 
Pedro Paulo Abreu Funari: Graphic caricature and the ethos of ordinary people at Pompeii. 
Michael Fotiadis: Regions of the imagination: archaeologists, local people and the archaeological record in fieldwork, Greece. 
Béatrice Fleury-Ilett: The identity of France: the archaeological interaction. 
Philip L Kohl: Nationalism, politics and the practice of archaeology in Soviet Transcaucasia. 

Review Section:

Kristian Kristiansen: Some recent trends in Scandinavian Bronze-Age research. 
Roger H Leech: Sites and monuments: national archaeological records.
Christopher Kn&uumlsel: Pagan charm and the place of anthropological theory. 
Zbigniew Kobylinski, Archaeologia Polona (John Hines) 
T. M. Charles-Edwards, Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (Nerys Thomas Patterson).
Magdelena S Midgley, T.R.B. Culture: the first farmers of the North European Plain (Julian Thomas).

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