CHAT 2006 Call for Papers

An email from Dan Hicks:

CHAT 2006: ‘Doing Contemporary and Historical Archaeology: Method and
Practice in Archaeologies of the Recent and Contemporary Past’

Fri 10-Sun 12 November 2006
Dept of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Bristol

The call for papers for CHAT 2006, with details of how to register for the conference, are now online here –

Keynote papers will be given by Professor Laurie Wilkie (University of California at Berkeley) and Dr Gavin Lucas (Assistant Director of the Institute of Archaeology in Reykjavik, Iceland).

The conference fee for speakers and other delegates will be £30, including tea & coffee. Delegates will arrange their own accommodation in Bristol, and links to nearby hotels are provided on the conference website. Registration forms are on the website: please direct any registration enquiries to Sam Barlow (administrator): Sam.Barlow AT

Paper proposals (300-500 words) are due by 31 March 2006, and should be emailed to Dan.Hicks AT

Further enquiries: Dan.Hicks AT or A.A.Piccini AT

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