Archaeology of a van starts on Monday

image of the van being excavatedThe fast emerging field of Contemporary Archaeologies appears to stop at nothing: a small research project will begin on Monday investigating the former archaeology unit van at Ironbridge. And this is precisely the point – anything could be studied archaeologically!

Ford Transit Van J641VUJ was acquired in 1991 by the Museum, initially as a vehicle for the archaeology department… [It] remained in faithful service until 2004… Now, after many years of carrying various artefacts, the van has now become the artefact in an unusual project to explore the archaeology of a vehicle. The aim is to ‘excavate’ the van under archaeological conditions. The project is being run by Dr. John Schofield, visiting lecturer at the University of Bristol, and former Ironbridge Archaeology staff member Cassandra Newland. Oral history of peoples’ memories of the van will also be incorporated into the study.

We are all awaiting keenly the new insights this project will come up with.

Check the project’s blog to see what others said (“we should … round up all of the people who think it is worth while to EXCAVATE A VAN and send them to Mars on a big space ship”)!

Read the full story here!

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