Attention EJA review authors!

I have neglected somewhat the necessary contracts for all review authors in the European Journal of Archaeology, but this will be rectified in the near future and current authors will hear from me in due course.

In this context I just received the current contract with SAGE which all review authors will need to sign. It applies from March 2006. It contains a clause that allows authors one year after publication to put up their reviews on their own webpages! This is great news. Please put them up next year! Then tell us about it and we will advertise the URLs!

The full text in the contract reads like this:

3. We also agree that you may post/make electronically available the abstract and up to 100% of your own version of your paper as accepted for publication, including all corrections made by you following peer-review on

(a) your employer’s web site or repository and/or
(b) on your own personal web site

one year following publication in the Journal, provided the usual acknowledgements* [text for acknowledgement provided below] are given regarding copyright notice and reference to first publication by the Journal and SAGE, and provided this is not through a third party commercial provider, as all third party requests for use of material from the Journal should be forwarded to SAGE. In each case we ask that you provide a link/URL from the article you have posted to the SAGE Journals Online page where the final, definitive article is published: .

*Authors must include the following copyright acknowledgement whenever making electronically available/posting the Contribution:

“The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in European Journal of Archaeology, Vol/Issue, Month/Year by Sage Publications Ltd, All rights reserved. © European Association of Archaeologists and SAGE Publications Ltd, year of publication. It is available at: ”

This contract is being used since March 2006 and apparently it does not apply to anything published before that.

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