The first archaeologist was an ape!

While Troels and I are waiting for the publication of the first issue of the European Journal of Archaeology (since this blog began in March), so that we can start discussing both the reviews and other papers, I came across this evocative image on another blog:

Ape archaeologist

Blog author William Klinger writes the following comment:

“For my graduate assistantship I’ve been working on re-cataloging and organizing the biological anthropology collection in one of the labs. I was taking some photos for the database and caught the following rare glimpse of the oldest archaeologist in the world. Unfortunately, all contextual information has since been lost.” (from here)

Question: would we do this to a human skeleton too? (Actually I have done something similar once)

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2 Responses to The first archaeologist was an ape!

  1. Will says:

    Feel free to use that image for the cover of one of your upcoming journals… :)

    Thanks for the mention, cant wait to check out the first issue.

  2. Cornelius says:

    Will – just for the record. This is not a new journal (see What I tried to say was that we are waiting for the first issue to be published *since March* when this blog begun!