EAA Call for Papers: The Materiality of Death

An email from Fredrik Fahlander:

Papers are invited to a planned session on the archaeology of death and burial for the 12th EAA annual meeting in Cracow, Poland, September 19-24, 2006. See session abstract below. Articles will be considered for publication in a monograph.

Please send your abstracts (of approximately 300 words) to:

Dr. Fredrik Fahlander
Department of Archaeology
Gothenburg university
Box 200, SE-405 30 GOTHENBURG
fredrik.fahlander AT archaeology.gu.se

Session proposal for the 12th EAA annual meeting in Cracow, Poland
September 19-24, 2006

The Materiality of Death – Bodies, Burials, Beliefs

Session organisers: Fredrik Fahlander (Dept of archaeology, Gothenburg, Sweden) and Terje Oestigaard (Centre for Development Studies, Bergen, Norway)

Session abstract
Although burials are within the spheres of beliefs transcending earthly, social categories, the archaeology of death tends to interpret funeral remains predominantly in terms of sex, age, and status. However, what burials signify and represent in society and religion cannot be restricted
to only social variables. The materiality of death, or death as ‘death’, includes the transformation of the dead bodies in the world and cosmos and cannot be understood sufficiently by correlations between grave elements and interments in relation to the buried individual. Thus, there is a need to explore ways of dealing with burial data in new directions. By discussing the materiality of death we wish to elaborate the following issues: a) the dead and decaying body as a materiality, b) the rituals and practices the living conduct in relation to death, and c) the relations between beliefs, material and social circumstances that structurate the materiality of death.

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2 Responses to EAA Call for Papers: The Materiality of Death

  1. Paul Ritchie says:

    Are submissions still being accepted for the call for papers?

  2. Troels says:

    Unfortunately papers are no longer accepted for the \”Materiality of Death\” session. Please see the conference programme for more info: http://cracow2006.e-a-a.org/programme.htm