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From time to time we are offering to readers of this blog books for review in the European Journal of Archaeology. Here is another one:

Anybody interested in reviewing this title…

Ireland and Europe in the Twelfth Century: Reform and Renewal

edited by Damian Bracken and Dagmar Ó Riai-Raedel

…should email me ( as soon as possible with details about who you are and why you would like to review this book.

Lenght: 1400 words max.

Deadline: 1 June 2007 or as agreed.

This entry will be deleted when a reviewer has been found.

Ireland and Europe in the Twelfth Century

edited by Damian Bracken and Dagmar Ó Riai-Raedel

cover imageOxbow says: “In 2001 a conference was held at University College Cork and Cashel to mark the 900th anniversary of the synod of Cashel, a major turning point in Irish medieval history. This collection of 12 essays taken from the conference examines the impact of European ideas, and native issues and concerns, on the Irish church and kingship. Drawing on documents, literature, hagiographies, archaeology and art-historical sources, they discuss the nature of the reform of the Irish church in the 12th century, the development of ideas of Irish nationhood, and the effects of new artistic, architectural and literary influences filtering in from Europe. Just some of the subjects covered include: Canterbury’s perspective on church reform and Ireland (Martin Brett); Women and marriage in the late pre-Norman Ireland (Anthony Candon); The construction and decoration of Cormac’s Chapel at Cashel (Roger Stalley); and Bishop’s, liturgy and reform: some archaeological and art historical evidence (Raghnall O Floinn).”

288pp (Four Courts Press 2006) ISBN 1 85182 848 6. Hardback. Price GB £45.00 €55.00

More information from the publisher about this book

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