Qudad, Re-inventing a Tradition

Brittany Gravely of Documentary Educational Resources in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA made me aware of a documentary film:

Qudad, Re-inventing a Tradition
by Caterina Borelli
Arabic with English subtitles
color, 58 min, 2004

Qudad image

Qudad is an ancient lime waterproofing plaster that has been used for several millennia in the Arabian Peninsula. In Yemen, where it most likely originated, it is found on religious and secular buildings and archaeological sites. Because of its elaborate and labor-intensive application (it takes a full year to set properly), this strong, resistant material has barely been in use for the past 30 years. As a consequence, very few masons know how to make and apply it. In 1983, the Yemeni Government and the Dutch Government collaborated to preserve one of the most important and unique monuments in Yemen, a 16th Century mosque in the town of Rada’ called the “’Amiriya Madrasa.”

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