5th Visiting Scholar Conference, Approaching Monumentality in the Archaeological Record, 12-13 May 2012, in Buffalo, NY.

The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA) at SUNY Buffalo is proud to announce our 5th Visiting Scholar Conference, Approaching Monumentality in the Archaeological Record, 12-13 May 2012, in Buffalo, NY.

The building of sculpted monuments and monumental architecture seems to be a universal human trait at all levels of social complexity and in all parts of the world, from the grand pyramids of ancient Egypt to the modest inuksuitcairns of the Inuit. Unfortunately, the words “monumental” and “monumentality” as used by scholars have different meaning and intent in nearly every work in which they appear. This symposium seeks to clarify just what we mean by “monumentality,” and more than that, to understand the social and political significance of monumentality as it was manifested in various ways around the world.  Approaching Monumentality brings together archaeologists, art historians, epigraphers, historians, and architects whose areas of expertise span from the Neolithic to the Classical era, and from Europe and the Mediterranean basin to the New World. In this way we will be able to explore monumentality both as a general human phenomenon as well as in its rich and varied particular social contexts.

This conference is open to the public.

Please visit http://www.iema.buffalo.edu/conference/ for registration and program information, or contact the conference organizer, Dr. James F. Osborne (jamesosb@buffalo.edu).

Please note that SUNY Buffalo is also hosting the TAG USA conference the following week. See http://www.cas.buffalo.edu/tag2012/ for details.

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