CFP: Plaster Casts: Making, Collecting, and Displaying from Classical Antiquity to the Present

A call for papers from Rune Frederiksen for a conference at Oxford 24-26 September 2007.

Plaster Casts:
Making, collecting, and displaying from classical antiquity to the present

International Conference at Oxford University
24-26 September 2007

Building on the strong response to the study day Plaster Casts: making, collecting and display (University of Reading, October 2005), this conference will bring together an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in plaster casts and their various functions from classical antiquity to the present day. Sessions will address issues relevant to archaeologists, classicists, art historians, cultural historians, museologists and conservators from teaching institutions, and museums.
It is anticipated that sessions may be organized by themes and/or chronology, covering a wide range of periods and geographical areas beyond Europe and North America. Issues addressed will cover the plaster casts and the history of copying; the technologies of plaster casts making; the history of plaster cast collections; display and conservation and artists’ uses of casts from classical antiquity to the present day.
Participants will also be invited to take part in two additional half-day excursions.
The call and necessary information can be found at:

The conference is being organized by
Dr Rune Frederiksen, Cast Gallery, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
Professor Donna Kurtz, Beazley Archive, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford
Dr Eckart Marchand, Department of History of Art and Architecture, University of Reading

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