Cultural Heritage Management and Indigenous Culture – Course in Florence, July 2012

The University of Queensland will be in Florence, Italy in 2012 teaching a course in cultural heritage management for Indigenous cultures. Students and professionals are welcome to attend.
The world is changing rapidly, and the adverse impacts of change are being felt disproportionately by Indigenous cultures. How should heritage practitioners respond to the challenges to Indigenous cultural heritage presented by large-scale mining and other significant development activities? What mechanisms exist for the identification, assessment and management of Indigenous cultural heritage values? Precisely what are the heritage values that require conservation? And, perhaps most importantly, what is the role of Indigenous peoples themselves in the conservation of their own heritage?

The University of Queensland is conducting a course entitled ‘Cultural
Heritage Management and Indigenous Cultures’ in July 2012, in Florence, Italy that will explore the fundamental concepts underpinning cultural heritage management within the context of Indigenous cultures.  The course will take a strongly practical approach, exposing participants to the statutory frameworks and heritage challenges of Australia and the Pacific, North and South America, and South Africa. ‘Cultural Heritage Management
and Indigenous Cultures’ will be an intensive, exciting and thoroughly
rewarding workshop series of direct application to students of
archaeology, anthropology and cultural resource management, in addition to heritage practitioners of all backgrounds. Heritage students and professionals interested in working in developing countries will find the course of particular interest. For more information see our link below or contact Andrew Sneddon at

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