New Publisher for the European Journal of Archaeology

I am pleased to announce that the EAA’s Executive Board, at its recent Board Meeting in Frankfurt, selected Maney to become our new publisher for the European Journal of Archaeology. Our President, Fritz Lueth, consequently signed a publishing contract with Maney last Thursday, witnessed by our Secretary, Mark Pearce, and myself, as General Editor of the EJA. Amongst the various publishers who submitted proposals to become our new publisher, Maney stood out for sharing most convincingly our ambition to enhance further the quality, reputation, readership and impact of our international peer-reviewed Journal. Maney Publishing is based in the UK and specialises in publishing academic journals, both in print and – importantly – online. They have a particular strength in publishing archaeology journals, such as the Journal of Field Archaeology, Environmental Archaeology and Public Archaeology. Maney will be writing to you in due course about the new EJA for 2012, the first issue of which will be published in April 2012, including details of how to access the Journal online.
As for 2011, the print version of the first two issues of EJA 14 (1-2) was distributed to Members attending the Oslo meeting. The print version of EJA 14.3 (which is currently at the printers) will be sent to you by post in late December, along with a copy of EJA 14.1-2 for those of you who were unable to attend the Olso meeting. The entire volume of EJA 14 will also be published online by Maney before the end of December, and made available to you.

I believe that we have now opened an exciting new chapter in the history of our Journal. Please remember, it is your Journal. Its success depends upon a regular flow of new, high quality submissions of articles on all aspects of European archaeology, irrespective of period, region or topic. Both I and the Journal’s dynamic Editorial Board therefore look forward to receiving, and working with you on the publication of, your next major article. With Maney’s help, we can guarantee that your work receives the widespread international recognition that it deserves.

Do please write to me at the following email address if you have any questions regarding the Journal or ideas for new articles:
With best wishes,

Robin Skeates
General Editor, EJA

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