EAA Election Nominations

The EAA is seeking candidates among its members for positions on the Executive and Editorial Boards.

This year sees consolidation of our Association after the Secretariat moved to Prague, Czech Republic. It is therefore vital to assure the smooth running of the Association not only on a day-to-day basis, but most importantly by electing committed representatives to the Executive and Editorial boards. You, as an EAA member, can not only vote in the elections but you are encouraged to become a candidate yourself. If you are interested in serving the EAA in any of the positions on the Executive or Editorial Board, or if you have any suggestions for candidates, just send the filled out candidate form to the EAA Secretariat. The nominations must be received at the EAA Secretariat no later than July 1 to be further considered in the election process. Candidate forms must be accompanied by a statement and a short biography (see the regulations attached). Candidates running for a position on the Executive board must be supported by 10 full members of the EAA. Candidates running for a position on the Editorial board must be supported by 5 full members of the EAA. Supporters may indicate this by separate communication. On July 1 the nominations received will be forwarded for consideration to the Nomination Committee which will produce candidate lists to be sent to all full members at the end of July together with ballot papers. You may then vote by post – deadline September 12 – or by e-mail – deadline September 21; alternatively, you may vote using your ballot papers at the Krakow conference.

Please participate for the future of the EAA!

Please contact Sylvie at the Prague office if you need nomination forms and/or additional information.

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