Round Table on the European Landscape Convention

Tom Bloemers informs us of a forthcoming roundtable at the EAA Annual Meeting in Krakow concerned with the European Landscape Convention. See below the fold for more.


Keywords: European Landscape Convention, community of practice, monitoring progress

Participating organisers: Nora Andrikopoulou-Strack (Bonn), Felipe Criado* (Santiago), Graham Fairclough (London), Zbigniew Kobylinski* (Warschau), Karsten Paludan-Müller (Oslo), Tom Bloemers (Amsterdam).
* To be confirmed

During the EAA conference in Cork last year we organised for the first time a Round Table on the European Landscape Convention. Adopted by the Council of Europe in Florence, Italy, on 20 October 2000 and in force since 1 March 2004, the European Landscape Convention aims to promote the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and to organise European co-operation on landscape issues. The Convention covers natural, rural, urban and peri-urban areas and deals with ordinary and degraded landscapes as well as those of outstanding beauty. In our opinion this creates an extraordinary strategic opportunity for all those institutions, professionals and policy makers who care for a sustainable future of the archaeological-historical landscape.
The Round Table in Cork 2005 was attended by almost 30 participants from ten countries who reported on the present policy towards the Convention in their countries. Situation varies from signing the Convention and taking the position that present policy is already in agreement with the recommendations of the Convention to not signing and giving the Convention no particular attention.

The aims of the second Round Table in Krakow are:
1. to extend the group of participants and to inform each other about the present state of art in the member states.
2. To work out suggestions made in Cork last year:
* preparing a statement for the General Assembly of the EAA in Krakow;
* ways to put in action the Landscape Convention, in particular article 6 on specific measures to be taken by the member states and article 10 on the monitoring of the progress made by the European member countries;
* preparing a leaflet and/or website information on the activities of the EAA concerning the ELC.
3. Cooperation with other groups and activities within and outside the EAA to create a community of practice.

If you are interested to receive the minutes of the Cork Round Table, to add topics or make a contribution to the Krakow Round Table please contact one of us.

Contact: n.andrikopoulou-strack AT; j.h.f.bloemers AT; graham.fairclough AT; cpm AT

For more on the European Landscape Convention, see this previous post.

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