Landscape in a changing world

Landscape research should be a key element in the European Research Area; it is an important arena for integrating the Natural Sciences and Humanities and a major factor in policy formulation. But its full potential is not being realized. It is divided by disciplinary barriers and scattered across several research domains. To challenge this fragmentation, a Network of Networks was established by European Science Foundation (ESF) and European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) and is chaired by professor Tom Bloemers. The briefing resulting from five workshops organized in 2008 and attended by a representative sample of the landscape research sector can be accessed at This release puts landscape research / studies (and therefore large areas of archaeology) into the world of the European Research Area, quite a big symbolic step forward. But it will not achieve much on its own – it is just a tool (admittedly a very useful one) which needs to be taken up and used, preferably in the next two or three years, while it is new and visible.

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