EJA 10.2/3 now available

The latest issue of the European Journal of Archaeology is now available online. It is a special issue on ‘Communication in Archaeology’ and includes the following articles:

– Anthony Harding: Communication in Archaeology

– Martin Carver: Archaeology Journals, Academics and Open Access

– Cornelius Holtorf: Can You Hear Me at the Back? Archaeology, Communication, and Society

– Janet E. Levy: Archaeology, Communication, and Multiple Stakeholders: From the Other Side of the Big Pond

– Diane Scherzler: Journalists and Archaeologists: Notes On Dealing Constructively With the Mass Media

– Natalie Venclová: Communication Within Archaeology: Do We Understand Each Other?

…as well as a conference review, a site presentation review and book reviews by Lene Melheim, Martin Rundkvist, Mark Pluciennik, Jelmer W. Eerkens, Marisa Lazzari, Konstantinos Chilidis, László Bartosiewicz, Mark Pearce, Anthony Harding, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Pietro Militello, Valentina Mordvintseva, Bryan K. Hanks, Eeva-Maria Viitanen, Zsolt Visy, J.R. Davies, Jes Wienberg, Tõnno Jonuks and Aivar Kriiska. Enjoy!

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