Book series "Women – Research – Archaeology"

A German-language series by and for women in archaeological and gender studies. The series is edited by FemArcEdition, a subsidiary of the Network of Women in Archaeology. Books can be ordered via its website or – from Volume 4 onwards only – via the website of the publisher Waxmann-Verlag.

logoThe papers presented at a conference of the ‘Netzwerk archäologisch arbeitender Frauen’ (Network of Women in Archaeology) were published in 1995 under the title ‘Frauen – Forschung – Archäologie’ (Women – Research – Archaeology). This was the third publication by the Network, which was founded in 1991. Since then, Women – Research – Archaeology has also been the title of a still unique series of academic publications, the only German-language publication dedicated to women and gender studies in archaeological disciplines. The aim of the series is to make feminist archaeology and archaeological and gender studies by women better known to both the scientific community and interested members of the general public.

Volumes 1-3 are reports on Network conferences. Volume 1 includes papers on the social position of Celtic women, matriarchy studies, and early female archaeologists. Volume 2, entitled ‘Königin, Klosterfrau, Bäuerin’ (Queen, Nun, Peasant), was published in 1996 and is about women in the early Middle Ages. Volume 3, published in 1997 under the title ‘Vom Knochenmann zur Menschenfrau’ (From Skeleton Man to Living Woman), deals with feminist theory and its application in archaeology and was the first anthology of articles relating to the current debate in German-speaking countries on gender in prehistory and early historical periods.

Volume 4, published in 2002, covers a conference on the life and work of the first German female prehistorian, Johanna Mestorf: ‘Eine Dame zwischen 500 Herren’ (One Lady among 500 Gentlemen). On the 10th anniversary of the Network in 2001, a conference was held in Berlin and the talks given there were published as Volume 5, in 2004, with the title ‘Göttinnen, Gräberinnen und Gelehrte Frauen’ (Goddesses, female archaeologists and scholarly women). It contains a retrospective of the activities of the Network of Women in Archaeology as well as articles on goddesses in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece; female hunters in Australia and gender-specific differences in burial customs; and female scholars in classical archaeology.

book cover vol 7Starting with Volume 6, the results of the meetings of the AG Geschlechterforschung (Gender Studies Workshop), which take place every two years at conferences of German archaeological associations, are also published in the Women – Research – Archaeology series. Volume 6, published in 2005 under the title ‘Ausgegraben zwischen Materialclustern und Zeitscheiben’ (Excavated between Material Clusters and Intervals of Time), reviews on-going projects in archaeological gender studies in German-speaking countries. Volume 7 reports on the second meeting and deals with archaeological reconstructions, e.g. the use of life-like figures in museums and illustrations in school textbooks. It was published in 2007; its title, ‘Science oder Fiction?’ (Science or Fiction?). The next volume is planned for 2009. This will concern methods in archaeological gender studies and be based on the results of the third meeting of the Gender Studies Workshop. Another project in preparation is a survey or compendium of early women archaeologists.

From Volume 3 onwards, all the articles have English abstracts because the Women – Research – Archaeology series also wants to reach out to an international audience. Indeed, a number of the papers themselves are in English.

Ulrike Rambuscheck

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