Archaeological Engagements: New Media and Beyond

European Journal of Archaeology volume 10.1 has just appeared online. A new feature in this issue is a special reviews section, entitled ‘Archaeological Engagements: New Media and Beyond’. The seven contributions that make up this section all explore the engagement of archaeology in new media and a number of contemporary cultural phenomena such as computer games and online worlds. It covers well-established formats, such as cinema, photography and the internet, as well as alternative forms of engagement, such as the subculture of urban exploration. It includes the following contributions:

Introduction: Archaeology and New Media: Practices and Possibilites by Troels Myrup Kristensen
Playing with the Past: A review of Three ‘Archaeological’ PC Games by Andrew Gardner
Second Lives: Online Worlds for Archaeological Teaching and Research by Shawn Graham
300 Six Packs: Pop Culture Takes on Thermopylae by Jenny Wallensten
Archaeology on the Web: A German Perspective by Constanze Witt
Electric Strata: Assemblage and Changes in Postgraduate Publication on the Internet by Alun Salt
Archaeology on the Ground: The Memory Practices of David Webb by Chris Witmore
Urban Exploration as Archaeological Engagement: A Review of by Tim Flohr Sørensen

As several of these contributions make reference to websites and other media, here is an accompanying list of URLs and SLURLs…Feel free to add links and/or comments below.

Shawn Graham’s review of Second Life points to the following SLURLs (Second Life URLs) and websites:

Sistine Chapel:

“Every user has access to building tools with which they may build structures, vehicles, art works, or impossibilities (M. C. Escher –like vistas).” Example slurl:
“[…] one notable simulation, ‘Svarga’, uses this to programme the ability to reproduce into virtual organisms […] “
On the creation of Svarga:
Slurl: 128/0/
“[…] (or even real-time data such as weather updates overlaid on a globe) […]“
The Earth System Research Lab (ESRL) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  Weather simulation Slurl: 

Roma SPQR:
Okapi Island:

Pyla Koutsopetria Project Blog:
Virtual Hallucinations, UC Davis:
International Space Flight Museum:

Independent State of Caledon:
World of Warcraft:
Eve Online:
Multiverse Project:
Tim Flohr Sørensen’s review of the portal for urban exploration,, makes reference to the following three websites:

The Silent The Complete: Modern Ruins in Finland:
Spuren der Industrie:
Modern Ruins: Photographic Essays:

A list of archaeological websites and other online resources from Constanze Witt (skewed towards Classical Archaeology):

Mailing lists / groups:

Aegeanet: AEGEANET@LSV.UKY.EDU, (includes links)

Portals, gateways, “virtual libraries,” linkographies:

ARGE (Virtual Library for European Archaeology): (not updated since 2003?)
–for Germany, superseded by Archäologie Online:, journal, news and articles, with forum, “Digger” archaeological search engine, newsletter, TV listings, “club,” reviews and biblio/mediographies, calendar, links (not updated)
WWW Virtual Library: Archaeology, Anthropology, Prehistory: (partly obsolete)
ArchNet: WWW Virtual Library of Archaeology:
Technorati aggregated links to “Archäologie”: — with RSS feed
ArchaeologyOnline (Archaeological web resources blog, commented):
The UK Archaeology VL has been superseded by the CBA’s gateway to British Archaeology on-line:, including RSS feeds of breaking news, hosts 6 categories of internet publications, job listings, field schools and digs, the Britarch listserv
DAI Deutsches Archäologisches Institut: — projects, databases, press releases, exhibits, RGK
ArchDATA: France: — links to organizations, research units, bibliographies, on-line publications, news, calendar, etc.
Archeologia in rete: ArcheoMedia: Italy: — links, forum, shop, reviews, calendars, students’ sections

By topic:

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World:
LacusCurtius: A Gateway to Ancient Rome:
Perseus: — Classical Literature, Art and Architecture, experiencing server problems
ABZU Guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the Web:, with RSS feed
NetSERF: Medieval Resources: , with RSS feed, glossary for PDA

Latest News:

ArchaeologyURLs: — feeds from (currently) 22 blogs/sources, customizable
Archaeology News from Archaeology Magazine:, includes links
Archaeology News:, interactive, with forum and news wire, RSS feed
Archaeologica:, with forum, podcast, links

Digital Libraries / Collections:

Beazley Archive: Greek pottery, ancient gems, plaster casts: – with bibliographies, links, dictionary
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, UCLA and Max Planck Institute:, includes wiki
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System:, includes Duke papyri, etc.
Ancient World Mapping Center:
Database of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery:
Katalog von Heidelberger Papyri:
The TOMBA Project: (current url)
Arachne photo archive:

Blogs:, includes forums
ArchaeoBlog (international, commented):, includes forum
David Meadows’s blog accompanying Explorator list:
Egyptology blog:, with links, RSS feeds
Archaeology in Europe:, with RSS feed, links

Wiki, social network, community:

Quantitative Archaeology Wiki:
ArchaeoSeek social network for archaeologists:
Ancient Worlds on-line community:
Second Life’s virtual ancient world: avatars, groups and islands (SIMs):
Vicipaedia opus commune:


Hellenic History: and — 3-D and VRML reconstructions
The Archaeology Channel: — videos, many including reconstructions,, also audio files, links to news feeds, teacher resources, shop
SPQR, the game: – journey through reconstructed Rome
UCLA’s Digital Roman Forum: — interactive, with GIS, sources


The Carlos Museum, Emory University, Atlanta, GA: — with children’s section
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: — with thematic sections
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY: Timeline of Art History: Thematic Essays:
The British Museum: COMPASS On-Line Collections: — includes tours, essays, multimedia
The British Museum: World Cultures interactive learning sites :
University of Reading Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology: — includes on-line database, students section
Royal Ontario Museum: — World Cultures photo collection


Site Panoramas: — includes plans, QTVR
Aphrodisias (to 2000):
Projekt Troia: — news is current, publications to 2005

On-line courses; area studies:

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean:
Exploring Ancient World Cultures, University of Evansville:
Fürstensitze project (landscape archaeology/GIS/archaeometry):

TV sites:

BBC Archaeology: — includes news feed, RSS feed, children’s section, games, multimedia, forums
NOVA: Pyramids, the inside story:
PBS: Secrets of the Dead: — includes additional resources for each “case file”
How Art Made the World: — with links

Governmental / organizational:

French Ministry of Culture Great Archaeological Sites:
Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities: Eternal Egypt:
Eternal Egypt Digital Guide — for mobile device access over GPRS or WAP:
Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut:; sites in Google Earth:
Hellenic Ministry of Culture “Odysseus” Archaeology portal:
Associazione Nazionale Archeologi Ultime Notizie:
UNESCO World Heritage sites, the list: — with RSS feed, news, resources, shop
Basel-Stadt: – contacts, virtual museum, faqs with links, bibliography.

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