Nordic TAG 2009

The tenth Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group (Nordic TAG) meeting will be held from 26th to 29th May 2009 in Trondheim, Norway. The organizers have just issued the following call for sessions:

Call for sessions

We would like to invite you to submit proposals for sessions and/or session leaders.

The deadline for session proposals is 15th September 2008.

Please include a short abstract outlining the proposed theme and possible related issues.

Received proposals together with contact information will be uploaded continuously on this website. Proposals with abstracts can be sent to:

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One Response to Nordic TAG 2009

  1. Alun says:

    I was looking at the priorities and got awfully confused. I assume it reflects the variety of proposals at the last meeting, rather than a coherent position. Some of the proposals sound quite sinister. ‘To create one ”archaeological world”!’ rather begs the question ‘Whose archaeological world?’ I’d hope that’s actually a call for inclusivity rather than world domination.

    On the other hand calls like ‘We need to take action on the invention on cultural/national identities’ do sound like attacks on the self-determination of subcultures.