EAA Student Award 2008

Sylvie Kvetinová, the EAA Administrator, writes:

Dear colleague,
Let me please encourage our student members to submit their papers for the EAA Student Award.

The European Association of Archaeologists instituted the EAA Student Award in 2002. The prize is awarded annually for the best paper presented by a student or archaeologist, working on a dissertation, at the EAA conference. The papers are evaluated for their academic merit and innovative ideas by the Award Selection Committee. All undergraduate, MA and Ph.D. students as well as archaeologists working
on a dissertation, who present a paper at the conference are eligible to apply, and are urged to submit their papers to the Award Selection Committee for consideration by 25th August at the latest. The entries should be mailed to the EAA Secretariat’s address eaa@arup.cas.cz. The applicants should certify their student status (e.g. by a simple form signed by the professor/supervisor). The papers submitted must not have been published previously in a journal or given at a conference. There is a word limit of 3000 words for the submitted papers. The Award consists of a diploma awarded at the Annual Business Meeting. Please disseminate this information among eligible colleagues.

Best wishes,

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