Indiana Jones hits the movie theatres this week…

… and archaeologists have been keen to jump on the bandwagon.

News from the Archaeological Institute of Archaeology

After years of being identified on screen as the legendary archaeologist “Indiana Jones,” actor Harrison Ford has won election to the Board of Directors of the Archaeological Institute of America. With his Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull set to hit U.S. movie theaters on May 22, the film star commented on his real world dedication to archaeology, “Knowledge is power, and understanding the past can only help us in dealing with the present and the future.” (More here)

City report on Indy’s return (in Swedish)

Även om man knappast kan ta och gräva fram antika artefakter och springa i väg som han gör har han säkert inspirerat många att bli intresserade. Och även om vårt arbete är helt annorlunda finns ju äventyraren där även hos oss, spänningen; man vet aldrig vad man hittar. Dessutom finns det ju faktiskt scener med i filmerna där han är mer av en akademiker. Med fluga och allt! (More from Catrin Sandberg in City here)

Comment: Indiana Jones is no bad thing for science

The adventures of Indiana Jones are premised on an imperial world in which western archaeologists routinely travel to the far corners of the globe in order to retrieve precious artefacts and save the world from Evil, giving the impression that the world is dependent on intervention from the west. Moreover, the films draw on a long cinematic tradition of portraying archaeology as the domain of white, heterosexual, able-bodied and comprehensively talented men who live though action-packed adventures in foreign countries. (From my own analysis in this week’s issue of the New Scientist)

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2 Responses to Indiana Jones hits the movie theatres this week…

  1. Aren’t all archaeologists like Indiana Jones?

  2. Cornelius says:

    Neil Asher Silberman wrote in the Washington Post (May 25, 2008; Page B01) that “Real Archaeologists Don’t Wear Fedoras”. He is “convinced that there’s something misguided and destructive in this academic love affair with IndianaJones. It’s not just that the films are harmlessly caricatured visions of old-fashioned archaeology; they are filled with destructive and dangerous stereotypes that undermine American archaeology’s changing identity and goals.”. See here.