Conference: Archaeologies of the Everyday

University of Sheffield, 3–5 June 2008

Archaeologists have tended to associate ‘the everyday’ with the mundane and the routine, to assume that we can readily understand it, and to oppose it to ritual. However, recent developments both in theory and in historical practice make it clear that it is now time to question this ‘transparency of the daily’.

This multidisciplinary conference, organized by the Centre for Historical Archaeology, University of Sheffield, will bring together scholars who are rethinking the ways in which people in the historical past (from classical antiquity to early modernity) perceived and engaged with the world in which they lived, worked, suffered, and worshipped – everyday.

The conference will be organised around 5 related themes:
* The Historicity of the Senses
* The Body in Everyday Life
* Everyday Life versus Ritual Life?
* Living Outside the Everyday
* When Different Everydays Collide.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Chris Gosden (Anthropology/Archaeology, Oxford), Professor Helena Hamerow (Archaeology, Oxford), Dr Miriam Muller, (Medieval History, Birmingham), Professor Blair St George (Folklore, University of Pennsylvania), Professor Carole Rawcliffe (History, UEA), Dr Kate Giles (Archaeology, York), Dr Mary Harlow (Ancient History, Birmingham); Dr Elizabeth Kryder-Reid (Archaeology, University of Indiana).

Please see the Conference website for registration details and for further information about the

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