WAC6 Update

An update on WAC-6 from Gabriel Cooney:


Dear Colleagues,
The WAC-6 Organising Committee warmly invites you to join us in Dublin this summer for what promises to be an exciting Congress! The main venue for the academic programme is the campus of University College Dubin and the social events and tours will take in some of Ireland’s fantastic historic venues and outstanding archaeological monuments and landscapes. There is a wide-ranging programme of cutting-edge themes and sessions to which participants can contribute, and whose organisers alone represent over 50 different nations around the world. Themes will cover diverse issues including: the archaeology of art, identity, indigenous communities, the human body, migration, landscapes, islands, wetlands, heritage tourism, museums, the politics of archaeology, and the ethics of archaeological practice, for example working with communities and in areas impacted by war, infrastructural developments and changing ecosystems.

Please see the WAC-6 WEBSITE for the following information:

CALL FOR PAPERS AND POSTERS – due 22nd February (see Submit Proposals page)
Paper and poster proposals can be submitted using the electronic forms on our website. Papers can be submitted for particular Sessions or Themes, and posters will also be linked to each of the broad Themes of the Programme. Abstracts for Themes and Sessions are listed in full on the website.

REGISTRATION – NOW OPEN! (see Register Tab at www.ucd.ie/wac-6)
Register by 26th MARCH to take advantage of the early fee! Fees are detailed on the Registration Fee page. We would strongly encourage participants who are not already members of the World Archaeological Congress (WAC) to consider joining, as the WAC-6 registration fee is significantly lower for WAC members. You can join WAC online at www.worldarchaeologicalcongress.org/site/join.php.

WAC-6 TRAVEL SUPPORT GRANTS – due 22th February
In line with WAC’s aim to make its meetings as globally representative as possible we are delighted to offer support in the form of free registration and accommodation, and travel support to participants from economically disadvantaged countries and indigenous communities. Please see the travel support application form on the Grants page of the WAC-6 website.

Participants are invited to experience Ireland’s rich archaeological heritage during the mid-Congress (2 July) tours, with 5 varied tour options to choose from. There is also a selection of post-Congress archaeological (5-7 July) tours. The academic programme will be enriched by exhibitions, multimedia installations and video art, experimental archaeology demonstrations, performances, and a major art exhibition, Ábharagus Meon / Materials and Mentalities. Furthermore, Ireland’s rich cultural and social life will undoubtedly be a major highlight for many! The formal events of the social programme will be held in some of Dublin’s spectacular historic venues, and there will be time to experience the ‘real Irish Pub’ in its true cultural context!

For enquiries about the academic programme please email wac6programme@ucd.ie, or for poster queries, wac6posters@ucd.ie. For queries about registration, accommodation, and Irish visa requirements please contact wac6@ucd.ie.

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!
Gabriel Cooney, Academic Secretary, on behalf of the WAC-6 Organising Committee

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