8. International Archaeology-Film-Festival
April 23th – 26th, 2008, Kiel, Germany

The theme of the CINARCHEA symposium 2008 is:
Archaeology – Movie – Museum

As always, the symposium will facilitate communication and discussion, the exchange of ideas, perspectives and knowledge: participating will be archaeologists, filmmakers, heads of museums and other institutes, journalists and media-experts.

The quality and appeal of the Kiel festival is enhanced by an international competition concluding with an award ceremony. This competitive programme celebrates outstanding recent film productions (from 1996 onward) of special distinction.

Jury members in 2008 are
Dr. Erwin Keefer, Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart (President)
Maria Longhena, Bologna, Italien
Dr. Cornelius Holtorf, Archaeology, Universität Lund, Schweden
Dr. Elisabeth Milin, SWR Fernsehen, Redaktion TV-Landesfeature, Stuttgart
Askolds Saulitis, film maker, Riga, Lettland
Dr. Claudia Heydolph, film maker, Kiel

Further information here.

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