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From time to time we are offering to readers of this blog books for review in the European Journal of Archaeology. Here is another one:

Anybody interested in reviewing this title:

Literacy and the State in the ancient Mediterranean
Edited by Kathryn Lomas, Ruth D. Whitehouse and John B. Wilkins
(Pbk, 2007, Accordia Research Institute, University of London)

should email me at as soon as possible with details of who you are and why you would like to review this book. We are especially (but not exclusively) interested in reviewers from the Mediterranean region and eastern Europe.

Length: 1400 words max.

Deadline: 1 July 2009 or as agreed.


Kathryn Lomas Introduction: Literacy and the state in the ancient Mediterranean
Cary Martin The Saite dynasty and the spread of Demotic in Egypt
Eleanor Robson Numeracy, literacy and the state in early Mesopotamia
Ilse Schoep The social and political context of Linear A writing on Crete
Flavia Carraro The ‘Speaking Objects’ of Archaic Greece: Writing and Speech in the first complete alphabetic documents
David Langslow Alphabets, spelling and punctuation in pre-Roman Italy
Ruth Whitehouse Writing and identity in theory and practice in the 1st millennium BC
Tamar Hodos Writing more than Words in Iron Age Sicily
Edward Herring Priestesses in Puglia? An archaeological perspective on the Messapic tabara inscriptions
Kathryn Lomas Writing boundaries: Literacy and identity in the ancient Veneto
Luca Zaghetto Iconography, Writing and Language: The Missing Link
Philip Milnes-Smith “Lapidarias litteras scio”: literacy and inscribing communities in Roman Venetia
Alison Cooley The publication of Roman official documents in the Greek East
Ralph Häussler and John Pearce Towards an archaeology of literacy

This entry will be deleted when a reviewer has been found.

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