Call for Nominations: The European Archaeological Heritage Prize 2008

Willem Willems has asked us to issue this call for nominations for The European Archaeological Heritage Prize 2008:


The European Association of Archaeologists instituted the European Archaeological Heritage Prize in 1999.

An independent committee awards the prize annually to an individual, institution or government (local or regional) for an outstanding contribution to the protection and presentation of the European archaeological heritage. In principle, this can be any contribution that is outstanding and of European scope or importance, it does not have to be a scientific contribution. The prize for 2008 will be awarded during the Annual Meeting of the EAA in Valletta, Malta, on Wednesday, 17 September 2008.

The EAA Committee for the European Archaeological Heritage Prize consists of: Anastasia Tourta (Greece), Jürgen Kunow (Germany), Paula Purhonen (Finland), Romuald Schild (Poland) and Willem Willems (the Netherlands; chairperson).

Previous winners of the award include: Manuel Carrilho (Minister of Culture, Portugal, 1999), Margareta Biörnstad (State Antiquarian of Sweden, 2000), Otto Braasch (Germany, 2001), Henry Cleere (United Kingdom 2002), Viktor Trifonov (Russia, 2003), Illicit Antiquities Research Centre (IARC)(Europe, 2004), Kristian Kristiansen (Denmark / Sweden, 2005), John Coles ( United Kingdom 2006), Siegmar von Schnurbein (Germany, 2007).

The Committee will discuss all serious proposals for the award. Nominations may be made by any of the following:

– Members of the Association (all grades of membership)

– Professors and heads of departments of archaeology in European universities and institutes

– Directors of governmental heritage management organisations and agencies in European countries (members of the Council of Europe)

– Non-governmental archaeological, heritage and professional organisations in European countries


You are invited to nominate a person, institution or government (local or regional).

Nominations, with full citations, should be sent to the EAA Secretariat, c/o Institute of Archaeology CAS, Letenská 4, 118 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic or by email to:


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