IFA 2008 in Swansea

Kathryn Whittington informs us about the forthcoming meeting of the Institute of Field Archaeologists, 18-20 March, in Swansea:

The 2008 Annual Conference will be held at the University of Swansea from 18-20 March 2008. The Provisional Programme is now available and conference bookings can be made by sending a copy of the booking form to the IFA office or booking online via the CBA website available from 21 December onwards). For downloadable copies of the booking form, please see the IFA website. Please see below the fold for more information.

We are pleased to announce that this year the conference will be sponsored by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) and Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW).

Sessions at the conference will include:

The future of the IFA – Peter Hinton and Mike Dawson, IFA
The identity of Welsh heritage – Jenny Hall, IFA Wales/Cymru Group
Education and training: what ‘Maritime archaeology’ are we teaching? – Jesse Ransley, IFA Maritime Affairs Group
Building an understanding of the past: the next 100 years? – Rebecca Jones, RCAHMS and Hilary Malaws, RCAHMW
Archaeology and the 21st Century: developing our profession or cutting our own throats? – Peter Hinton, IFA, David Jennings, SCAUM, and Victoria Bryant, Medieval Pottery Research Group
Taking wider perspectives: historic landscapes in the twenty-first century – Andrew Marvell, Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust
Progressing professional practice – Philip Mills, IFA Finds Group
Artefacts, geomatics and landscapes – Jane Evans, Find Specialist
Sense of place – what it means and why it matters – John Schofield and Rosy Phillipson, English Heritage
Topographic influences on evaluation techniques in the UK – Mark Williams, Wessex Archaeology and Mike Dawson, CgMs
Climate change and the historic environment – Gill Chitty, Council for British Archaeology and Jim Williams, English Heritage
Building communities – Heather Lindsay, IFA Buildings Group
Managing archaeology – Kenneth Aitchison, IFA and Viv Hamilton, Nautical Archaeology Society
IFA Workplace training – Kate Geary and Natasha Kingham, IFA

For further information on all the sessions please see the call for papers.

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