CFP: Cultural Heritage and Impact Assessment Workshop

We have received the following communication from Arlene Fleming and Julio de Jesus:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) are intended to provide an integrated analysis of the biophysical, social and cultural heritage impacts of development projects or strategies. Methods for identifying and considering biophysical and social conditions and impacts are established; information and experienced professionals are generally available. However, in many parts of the world, the cultural heritage aspect of EIA and SEA is considerably less well developed. The separation of cultural and environmental practitioners in most countries has resulted in a lack of experience and a scarcity of methods and tools for addressing cultural heritage in EIA and SEA. Various types of institutions recognize the need for strengthening the cultural heritage component of impact assessment and have a role; they include: international and regional development agencies, national governments, private corporations, EIA consulting arms and organizations.

A workshop on “Cultural heritage and impact assessment” has been included in the program of the annual conference of IAIA (International Association for Impact Assessment), that will be held from May 4-10, 2008, in Perth, Western Australia. Please find enclosed the Preliminary Program of IAIA’08. For more information about IAIA please visit the site

We would like to invite you to participate in the Conference and in the session on “Cultural heritage and impact assessment”. Submission of a paper should be done online until 7 February 2008 – additional information appears on p. 9 of the Preliminary Program. The Preliminary Program also contains information about registration for the Conference and hotels in Perth.

Prior to the Conference, the organizers of the session (Arlene Fleming and Julio de Jesus) will contact participants to start the process of preparation of a document on Best Practice Principles of Cultural Heritage for Impact Assessment, to be published and disseminated by IAIA.

We hope you accept this invitation and look forward to hear from you.

With our best regards

Arlene Fleming (
Julio de Jesus (

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