Neolithic Violence in a European Perspective

Linda Fibiger informs us about a forthcoming conference in Oxford, “Neolithic Violence in a European Perspective“, 14-15 March 2008:

Until quite recently interpersonal violence was considered a marginal area of research for the European Neolithic. The large number of recent publications on the subject shows that this has changed, but at the same time there are still many questions that remain unanswered. These concern the definition of what kind of skeletal injuries constitute evidence for interpersonal violence and the geographic and temporal variability of their occurrence. The detailed study of skeletal remains within their wider archaeological context can further our understanding of the nature of specific violent events as well as contribute to an understanding of the effects of violent actions in all their forms on society as a whole. This meeting intends to bring together researchers from different parts of Europe and offers a forum for inter-regional comparisons and discussions on the Neolithic skeletal record.

Registration form can be downloaded here. A PDF-poster is available from here.

Speakers include Torbjörn Ahlström (Sweden), Pia Bennike (Denmark), Alain Beyneix (France), Rimantas Jankauskas (Lithuania), Wieslaw Lorkiewicz (Poland), Horst Bruchhaus, Gundula Lidke, Jörg Orschiedt (Germany), Anastasia Papathanasiou (Greece), Maria Teschler-Nicola (Austria), Robert Layton, John Robb, Martin Smith, Linda Fibiger and Rick Schulting (UK).

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