CFP: What would a Bronze Age World System look like?

We have received the following call for papers from Toby Wilkinson:

What Would a Bronze Age World System Look Like? World-systems approaches to Europe and western Asia 4th to 1st millennia BC.

The Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield is proud to host this forthcoming international conference on ancient world-systems in memory of Andrew Sherratt. The aim of this conference is to review the applicability of a world-systems perspective to the complex material remains of what might very loosely be called early Europe, extending from Anatolia and the eastern Mediterranean in the south-east to the Atlantic and North Sea in the north-west, and covering a span from the 4th to the 1st millennium BC. It is hoped to examine the ways in which (if at all) such a perspective can best be adapted to prehistoric and early historic contexts, and to discuss the pitfalls which may lie in the way of such adaptations. In particular, it will confront the problem of maintaining some sort of balance between ideas of eastern influence and regional autonomy by identifying in detail which aspects of European societies can best be viewed from this standpoint, and by attempting to reconstruct the mechanisms by which external stimuli may have had a significant impact upon processes of social reproduction.

Conference Dates: 1st-4th April 2008.
Location: Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UK.

Submission Deadline: 21st December 2007.
Please use the form provided on the webpage to submit titles and abstracts for papers or posters.

Those who have already confirmed they will be presenting at this conference:
Alex Bauer, Cyprian Broodbank, Paul Halstead, Philip Kohl, Kristian Kristiansen, Mario Liverani, Joseph Maran, Jane Schneider, David Wengrow, Greg Woolf, Norman Yoffee

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