New Books (not to be reviewed)

The following books have arrived on the Book Review Editor’s desk but will, for one reason or another, not be reviewed in the journal.

Smith, Claire and Burke, Heather (2007) Digging it Up Down Under. A Practical Guide to Doing Archaeology in Australia. New York: Springer. ISBN 978-0387-35260-2. Hbk. 326 pp. 20 figures. US$149.00.

This is the first volume in the new World Archaeological Congress Cultural Heritage Manual Series published (at an exorbitant price) by Springer. As the series editors explain, the “aim of this series is to provide the essential information needed to conduct archaeological fieldwork in various parts of the world”. This then is the account for Australia, explaining the “secrets to successful archaeology in Australia” (blurb). The content ranges from a brief history of Australian Archaeology and an introduction to Indigenous Australia, to obtaining funding, working in an Australian setting and understanding legalities and management traditions. The book will be invaluable to anybody contemplating to start fieldwork Down Under!

Silverberg, Miriam (2006) Erotic Grotesque Nonsense. The Mass Culture of Japanese Modern Times. Berkeley etc: University of California Press. ISBN 978-0-520-22273-1. Hbk. 370 pp. 39 plates (b/w). US$49.95.

How this kind of nonsense (!) ended up on the Review Editor’s desk is anybody’s guess! This volume makes a scholarly contribution to our understanding of Japanese mass culture with no obvious significance to European archaeology that I can see.

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One Response to New Books (not to be reviewed)

  1. Martin R says:

    Perhaps archaeologists should consider, from a perspective of media penetration and public image, the value of being associated with erotic grotesque nonsense?