New Books (not to be reviewed)

The following books have arrived on the Book Review Editor’s desk but will, for one reason or another, not be reviewed in the journal.

Little, Barbara (2007) Historical Archaeology. Why the past matters. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press. ISBN 978-1-59874-023-3. Pbk. 208 pp. 11 figs. £12.99

An affordable introduction to historical archaeology in the United States, written by a prominent practitioner in 31 short chapters. An original book that would have benefitted from more illustrations.

Orton, Fred, Wood, Ian and Lees, Clare (2007) Fragments of History. Rethinking the Ruthwell and Bewcastle monuments. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0-7190-7257-4. Pbk. 300pp. 73 plates, 4 colour plates, some line drawings. £17.99.

A study of the two premier survivals of pre-Viking Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture featuring complex carvings and inscriptions. The authors are drawing on their disciplinary backgrounds in early medieval history, art history, medieval literature and language history. 50 pages of endnotes and 20 pages of references vouch for comprehensive scholarship.

Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth & Raymond Gillespie (eds.) 2006. The Parish in Medieval and Early Modern Ireland. Community, Territory and Building. Dublin: Four Courts Press. ISBN 1-85182-947-4. Hdb. 350pp. illustrated. £40.00

Conference papers by Irish geographers, historians and archaeologists on the history of the parish in Ireland.

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