New Books (not to be reviewed)

The following books have arrived on the Book Review Editor’s desk but will, for one reason or another, not be reviewed in the journal.

Pollars, Mark, Batt, Catherine, Stern, Ben and Young, Suzanne (2007) Analytical Chemistry in Archaeology. Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-65572-9. Pbk. 418pp. Various line drawings. £24.99

A handbook and introductory manual about the application of various methods of analytical chemistry to archaeology. Besides some basic chemistry for archaeologists (in a hundred pages), the book covers a range of methods from “elemental analysis by absorption and emission spectroscopies in the visible and ultraviolet” and “molecular analysis by absorption and raman spectroscopy” over “X-ray techniques and electron beam microanalysis”, “neutron activation analysis”, and “chromatography”, to “mass spectrometry” and “inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)”. Looks great for a specialist audience.

Linacre, Vivian (2007) The General Rule. A Guide to Customary Weights and Measurements. Glastonbury: Squeeze Press. ISBN 1-978-906069-01-8. Pbk. 224 pp. Various images. £12.99.

A contribution to the history and appreciation of the Imperial System of measurement that is still astonishingly common in Anglo-American contexts. You can learn that 1 Nebuchadnezzar corresponds to 20 bottles of wine, among many other things. The publisher recommends this book “for use in the home, in schools, in government and public bodies, by trade, industry, the media and in countries overseas.” A document of English eccentricity.

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