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All of John Bintliff‘s (Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands) publications up to spring 2007 can now be accessed as pdfs by personal application to him at

Bintliff, J.L.
2006 Landscape and Early Farming: Settlement Dynamics in Central Creece
2006 Multi-ethnicity and population movement in Ancient Greece: Alternatives to a world of ‘Red-Figure’ people.
2006 Solon’s reforms: An archaeological perspective
2006 Thema nummer ‘Archeologie’.
2005 Being in the (past) world: Vermeer, neural networks and archaeological theory.
2005 Explorations in Boeotian population history.
2005 Human impact, land-use history, and the surface archaeological record: A case study from Greece.
2005 Parallels and contrasts in the settlement patterns of prehistoric Greece.
2005 Tanagra en de antieke Steden van Boiotie.
2004 A radical rethink on approaches to surface survey and the rural landscape of Central Greece in Roman times.
2004 Local history and heritage management in Greece. The potential at the village level.
2004 The Blackwell Companion to Archaeology.
2004 The Leiden-Ljubljana Tanagra Project: the 2003 season.
2004 Town and chora of Thespiae in the Imperial Age.
2003 Nouvelles prospections sur le site de Tanagra: le project Leiden-Ljubljana.
2003 Searching for structure in the Past – or was it ‘one damn thing after another’?
2003 Settlement Patterns and Landscapes; Mycenaean Greece; Dark Age Greece.
2003 The ethnoarchaeology of a ‘passive’ethnicity: The Arvanites of Central Greece.
2002 Classical farms, hidden prehistoric landscapes and Greek rural survey: a response and an update.
2002 Going to market in antiquity.
2002 Rethinking early Mediterranean urbanism.
2002 Settlement pattern analysis and demographic modeling.
2002 The Leiden Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project: Preliminary Report on the 2001 season.
2002 The rise and fall of the Roman Empire: Lessons for growth?
2002 Time, process and catastrophism in the study of Mediterranean alluvial history: a review.
2001 Recent developments and new approaches to the archaeology of Medieval Greece.
2001 The Tanagra Survey. Report on the 2000 season.
2000 Is the Past ‘Knowable’ or is its Study just ‘Do-able’
2000 Archaeology and the philosophy of Wittgenstein.
2000 Deconstructing ‘The Sense of Place’? Settlement systems, field survey, and the historic record: A case-study from Central Greece.
2000 Demographic and ceramic analysis in regional survey.
2000 Landscape change in Classical Greece: A review.
2000 Reconstructing the Byzantine countryside: New approaches from landscape archaeology.
2000 Rejoinder.
2000 Review of Kardulias
2000 Settlement and territory: a socio-ecological approach to the evolution of settlement systems.
2000 The concepts of ‘site’ and ‘offsite’ archaeology in surface artefact survey.
2000 The Future of Archaeological Field Survey in Europe.
1999 Chapter 13: Settlement and Territory.
1999 Introduction.
1999 Pattern and process in the city landscapes of Boeotia, from Geometric to Late Roman times.
1999 Reconstructing Past Population Trends in Mediterranean Europe.
1999 Structure, contingency, narrative and timelessness.
1999 The hidden landscape of prehistoric Greece.
1999 The origins and nature of the Greek city-state and its significance for world settlement history.
1999 The Ottoman era in the context of long-term settlement history. A case-study: the archaeological survey of the Valley of the Muses, Boeotia, Central Greece.
1998 A siege mentality at Lampeter? Let Ludwig in – he’s a friend
1998 Catastrophe, Chaos and Complexity: The Death, Decay and Rebirth of Towns from Antiquity to Today
1998 Review of Hänsel and Harding (Eds.).
1998 Review of Primas and Della Casa
1997 Catastrophe, chaos and complexity: the death, decay and rebirth of towns from Antiquity to today.
1997 Recent Developments in the History and Archaeology of Central Greece.
1997 Regional Survey, Demography, and the Rise of Complex Societies in the Ancient Aegean: Core-Periphery, Neo-Malthusian, and other Interpretive Models.
1997 The Boeotia Project 1997 field season.
1996 Interactions of theory, methodology and practice.
1996 Review of Alcock, S.; Graecia Capta. The Landscapes of Roman Greece (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1993)
1996 The archaeological survey of the Valley of the Muses and its significance for Boeotian History.
1996 The Frankish countryside in central Greece: The evidence from archaeological field survey.
1996 The mountain peoples of ancient Greece
1995 Europe Between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Recent archaeological and historical research in Western and Southern Europe.
1995 The Cambridge-Durham Boeotia Project 1994.
1995 Whither Archaeology? Revisited.
1994 Territorial behaviour and the natural history of the Greek polis.
1994 The Boeotia Project 1992-3.
1994 The history of the Greek countryside: As the wave breaks, prospects for future research.
1993 Forest cover, agricultural intensity and population density in Roman imperial Boeotia, central Greece.
1993 Why Indiana Jones is Smarter than the Post-Processualists.
1992 Appearance and reality: Understanding the buried landscape through new techniques in field survey.
1992 Erosion in the Mediterranean lands: A reconsideration of pattern, process and methodology.
1992 TAG and Post-modernism: a reply to Thomas and Tilley.
1992 The Boeotia Project 1991: survey at the city of Hyettos.
1992 The interaction between archaeological sites and geomorphology.
1992 Trace metal accumulations in soils on and around ancient settlements in Greece.
1991 Die Polis-Landschaften Griechenlands: Probleme und Aussichten der Bevolkerungsgeschichte
1991 Review of Garnsey, P; Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco- Roman World: Responses to Risk and Crisis (New York: Cambridge University Press. 1988)
1991 Site formation processes and the Hvar Survey Project, Yugoslavia.
1991 Surveying ancient cities.
1991 The Annales School and Archaeology.
1991 The Boeotia Project: Field Survey 1990.
1991 The Roman countryside in Central Greece:observations and theories from the Boeotia Survey (1978-1987).
1990 Reflections on nine years with the Bradford/Cambridge Boeotia Project.
1990 Trace metal accumulation in soils on and around ancient settlements in Greece.
1989 Burial Archaeology: Current Research, Methods and Developments.
1989 From polis to chorion in South-West Boeotia.
1988 Conceptual Issues in Environmental Archaeology,
1988 Extracting Meaning from the Past.
1988 Mediterranean survey and the city.
1988 Off-site pottery distributions: A regional and interregional perspective.
1988 Recent Developments in Yugoslav Archaeology.
1988 The end of the Roman countryside: A view from the East.
1988 Trace metal residues in soil as markers of ancient site occupance in Greece.
1986 Archaeology at the Interface: Studies in Archaeology’s Relationships with History, Geography, Biology and Physical Science.
1985 IV Greece: The Boeotia survey
1985 The Cambridge/Bradford Boeotian Expedition: The first four years.
1985 The development of settlement in South-West Boeotia.
1984 European Social Evolution: Archaeological Perspectives.
1984 Structuralism and myth in Minoan Studies.
1982 Climatic change, archaeology and Quaternary Science in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
1982 Palaeoclimates, Palaeoenvironments and Human Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean in Later Prehistory.
1982 Settlement patterns, land tenure and social structure: a diachronic model.
1981 Theory and reality in palaeoeconomy: some words of encouragement to the archaeologist.
1979 Archaeological Science: Science and Archaeology, or A Science of Archaeology?
1977 Mycenaean Geography.
1977 Natural Environment and Human Settlement in Prehistoric Greece. Part I
1977 Natural Environment and Human Settlement in Prehistoric Greece. Part II
1977 New approaches to human geography. Prehistoric Greece: a case study.
1977 Pedology and land use; Appendix I: Culture, religion and economics; Appendix II: The number of burials in the Mesala Tholoi
1976 Sediments and settlement in Southern Greece.
1976 The plain of Western Macedonia and the Neolithic site of Nea Nikomedeia.
1975 Mediterranean alluviation: New evidence from archaeology.

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