Welcome to weblog no. 200,000,001

It has been estimated that there are currently 200 million weblogs in the world (Die Zeit 11/2006, p. 43). Here is a new one!

This News, Views & Reviews blog is the latest part of the EAA’s growing web presence. It builds on some of the work carried out by our predecessors as EJA reviews editors, Peter Biehl and Alexander Gramsch, in the e-Reviews section. We aim to move things forward by taking advantage of blog technology that offers increased features to stimulate discussion and interactivity. We will especially focus on:

  • new reviews in the European Journal of Archaeology, and the responses to them
  • new publications of relevance to European archaeologists (including review copies that have been sent to the European Journal of Archaeology but cannot be reviewed there)
  • topics discussed in selected papers published in the European Journal of Archaeology
  • news from various bodies and working groups of the European Association of Archaeologists
  • news and calls for papers in relation to the Annual Meetings of the EAA
  • other news of interest to European archaeologists.

Best wishes,
Cornelius Holtorf & Troels Myrup Kristensen, editors of News, Views & Reviews.

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