A chance to appear on Discovery Channel

A letter from Tiffany Thompson, segment editor at the Discovery Channel, offering a chance to get your archaeological project in the media:

Good day!

I am writing to you from GRB Entertainment here in the States and we are currently producing a new high-end documentary television series for the Discovery Channel tentatively titled “Ancient Bones” scheduled to air in 2008. We are seeking to find interesting archaeological projects that have a 2007 field season planned for this summer/fall for inclusion in this series and I was hoping you might be able to connect us with European archaeologists who may be interested in participating.

“Ancient Bones” highlights active archaeological digs around the world (we have shoots planned for this summer in Egypt, Belize, China, Peru, and England, among others), with a focus on the ways archaeologists solve ‘mysteries’ through the excavation and analysis of human remains. Each one hour episode spotlights an individual dig, featuring the archaeologists involved, the site history, the course of the fieldwork, the successes and challenges, and the future of the project. We center each of these episode on a present burial / mortuary / bones ‘mystery’ recently uncovered (usually in the 2006 field season) and have our Host ‘collaborate’ with the archaeologists to solve this mystery through the most modern and hands-on techniques currently available. Our intent is to produce an entertaining, credible, and educational series that will comprehensively involve Discovery viewers in the fascinating process of archaeological fieldwork and educate them about the cultures being studied.
I realize that time is short, as this field season rapidly approaches, and that this is quite a busy time of year in the archaeological and academic worlds! However, we sincerely hope to add another project or two to our roster as soon as possible.
Any information, contacts, or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to forward this email to all those you see fit!

Tiffany Thompson

Write to klatmk@hum.au.dk for contact details.

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