Rendezvous with an old friend

Painting National Museum PragueAt the National Museum in Prague the other day, Troels took a picture for me of this amazing depiction of two palaeolithic heroes, possibly fighting for the contemporary beauty watching them. It is not the artistic quality that distinguishes this work.

Instead, this art work excells as one of the most unsubtle images of stereotypical, primitive ape-men ever created. The painting’s beauty lies in its bluntness.

What it does at a prominent place right at the entrance to the archaeological exhibits of the National Museum in Prague is anybody’s guess. Surely it cannot be meant to reinforce an otherwise not perceptible message of the exhibition.

I remember that the painting was at the same location when I visited the museum last, which must have been in spring 1990. I was impressed already then. The recent rendezvous with my old favourite came unexpected but it was welcome nonetheless.

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One Response to Rendezvous with an old friend

  1. Troels says:

    Does anyone in fact know the story behind the painting?