CFP: Spondylus session at EAA 2007

Fotis Ifantidis is looking for co-organizer(s) and contributors to a planned session at the EAA 2007 conference in Zadar:

A Spondylus session: New data, new methodological and theoretical approaches

The forthcoming EAA meeting in Zadar provides a great opportunity for discussing thoroughly the Spondylus ‘phenomenon’ in European, Balkan and Aegean prehistoric contexts.

Themes of this session will include:
• New data from prehistoric sites in European, Balkan and Aegean contexts derived either from on-going excavations or from new studies and publications
• New laboratory studies related to the procurement of the raw material
• Spondylus distributions inter-site and intra-sites
• Fragmentation / re-fitting studies of Spondylus amulets
• The biographical approach: procuring, making, using, re-using, repairing, altering, destroying and hoarding Spondylus artifacts
• The case of the ‘V-Klappe’, ‘V-notched’, ‘bi-winged’ or ‘entaillés’ Spondylus artifacts
• Experimental reproductions and the use of ethnographic resources
• Spondylus ornaments in relation to other adornment types / materials
• Spondylus ‘mythologies’ in world-wide contexts

A Spondylus-related bibliography (1959-2007) is available here.

If you are interested in contributing a paper or co-organizing this session, please contact Fotis Ifantidis at

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