CFP: The Journal of the North Atlantic

Announcement of a new journal focusing on North Atlantic issues:

The Journal of the North Atlantic (JONA) is a new multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed and edited scientific journal focusing on the peoples of the North Atlantic, their expansion into the region over time, and their interactions with their changing environment (first issue, March 2008).

The Board of Editors welcomes your interest in the Journal of the North Atlantic and cordially invites you to look at its website.

The First Call for Papers and Subscriptions is available on this site as a PDF download (maximum 2 minute download on a 56K modem). It provides a broad overview of the journal, complete with intriguing color photos.

Instructions for Authors are available as a PDF download (maximum 30 second download on a 56K modem). It gives an overview of how versatile the journal is for researchers.

The Journal of the North Atlantic is intended to serve as a forum for researchers, and as an information resource for teachers, students, and the intellectually curious who would like to learn about the latest research and study opportunities within the region. The journal will be published in print and online versions.

The journal will publish a wide diversity of research papers, as well as research summaries and general interest articles in closely related disciplines, which, when considered together, will help contribute to a comprehensive multidisciplinary understanding of the historical interplay between cultural and environmental changes in the North Atlantic world. Specifically, the journal’s focus will include paleo-environmental reconstruction and modelling, historical ecology, anthropology, ecology of organisms important to humans, archaeology, human/environment/climate interactions, climate history, ethnography, ethnohistory, historical analyses, discussions of cultural heritage, and place-name studies.

The journal will also publish field observations, notes, and archaeological site reports, as well as book reviews, summaries of important news stories, opinion papers, and free brief announcements of meetings, symposia, conferences, and grant opportunities. Some advertisements that are directly related to the journal’s thematic content will be accepted.

An online version of the journal will be posted in the journal’s own website and in the database. These online versions allow authors to include special files such as video, database, and audio files with their articles. The journal will be indexed in a full range of journal databases.

We welcome your interest and questions! Joerg-Henner Lotze, Publisher

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