Fieldwork opportunity in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Archaeological Association (BAA) is pleased to announce the next season of the ‘Roman project’ fieldwork. The BAA Archaeological Field School was founded in 2001 as a Training School for students of archaeology, and is based in Northwest Bulgaria. The Field School is involved in a study of the Roman culture in the region, incorporating a research excavation at a number of sites. This year the project is based in a Roman sanctuary and fortress ‘Kale’ near town of Mezdra.

For the summer 2007 the project seeks youth volunteers, foreign participants, students and research workers to assist with all aspects of excavation.
* no experience required
* no previous field work experience required
* no Bulgarian language skills required.

The project will include number of courses focused on the professional development of the participants (Drawing and Sketching, Photography, Ceramic workshop) provided by highly skilled artists. The practical courses will provide an ideal introduction to the world of archaeology. The project incorporates also daily laboratory work and several lectures focused on architecture, ceramic remains and artifact illustration. The project is suitable both for beginners and professional archaeologists wishing to develop their skills and knowledge.

Please find further details about BAA archaeological research project on the following website:

Krassimira Luka
Bulgarian Archaeological Association
21 Tsarigradsko shosse blv.
1124 Sofia
tel: + 359 (0) 878440367
fax: +359 (0) 2 9440056

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