EAA Elections 2007

It’s once again time for the annual EAA elections:

The Association has entered the 13th year of its existence and with your involvement it is going to be a successful year. The Annual Meeting in Zadar promises to be a good academic and social venue and the election held there should ensure also efficient representation at the Executive and Editorial boards of the EAA. You, as an EAA member, can not only vote in the elections but you are encouraged to become a candidate yourself. Due to an innovation of the election calendar the call for nominations to the vacant posts is rather early this year. This will however allow sufficient time to nominate strong candidates and secure their geographical, gender and professional balance. If you are interested in serving the EAA in any of the positions or if you have any suggestions for candidates, just send the
filled out candidate form (available from the members’ section of the EAA website) to the EAA Secretariat. The nominations must be received at the EAA Secretariat no later than April 15 to be further considered in the election process. Candidate forms must be accompanied by a statement and a short biography (regulations are available on the members’ site). Candidates running for a position on the Executive board must be supported by 10 full members of the EAA. Candidates running for a position on the Editorial board must be supported by 5 full members of the EAA. Supporters may indicate this by separate communication. On April 15 the nominations received will be forwarded for consideration to the Nomination Committee which will produce candidate lists to be sent to all full members in July together with ballot papers. You may then vote by post or by e-mail; alternatively, you may vote using your ballot papers at the Zadar conference.

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