New Books (not to be reviewed)

The following books have arrived on the Book Review Editor’s desk but will, for one reason or another, not be reviewed in the journal.

Carman, John (2005) Against Cultural Property. Archaeology, Heritage and Ownership. London: Duckworth. ISBN 978-0715634028. 144pp. £11.99.

If ‘all property is theft’, then Cultural Property is nothing less than the theft of culture. John Carman engages critically with the term and concept of ‘Cultural Property’ which is often used in heritage management and legislation. Yet another stimulating volume in the Duckworth Series “Debates in Archaeology”.

Lahiri, Nayanjot (2006) Finding Forgotten Cities. How the Indus Civilization was discovered. London: Seagull. ISBN 978-1905422180. 410 pp. £29.99.

A beautiful hardback outlining the discovery of the Indus civilization by John Marshall in 1924. The book is authored by Nayanjot Lahiri, a Professor in History at Delhi University and dedicated to The Archaeological Survey of India.

Trümpler, Charlotte (2006) The Past from Above. Photographs by Georg Gerster. (Translated from the German.) London: Frances Lincoln. ISBN 978-0-7112-2700-2. Pbk. 416pp. £25.00.

A large and heavy coffee-table collection of Georg Gerster’s air photographs of archaeological sites around the world. You will love especially looking at those sites you already know from ground level!

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