WAC Inter-Congress on Archaeological Invisibility and Forgotten Knowledge

We’ve received the following announcement from Susan Piddock:

WAC Inter-Congress: Archaeological Invisibility and Forgotten Knowledge
University of Lodz, Poland
5-8 September, 2007

Vast amounts of cultural customs, traditions, material expressions and cosmological universes escape the trowels of archaeologists. The aim of this conference is to focus on this invisible web of reality that formed the foundation of hunter-gatherer life and on exploring ways of integrating this with the archaeologically visible aspects of prehistoric culture.

This conference will also focus on forgotten knowledge including the large amount of important ethnographies from the earlier centuries as well as more recent work. Much of this was written in languages that are not part of the current mainstream and consequently is little known and not included in current theoretical debate.

As globalization continues apace, fewer and fewer pockets of traditional small-scale societies remain and this has created a sense of urgency in this important field of research. Leading ethnoarchaeologists from across the world will present their research while open discussion sessions will focus on key issues. The conference will be organized around themed geographical sessions, and ethnoarchaeological film presentations. An excursion, included in the registration fee, will take place on 8 September 2007.

Further information is on the web site at http://www.worldarchaeologicalcongress.org/site/invisibility.php

Conveners: Lucyna Domanska, Ole Grøn and Karen Hardy
Email contact: ethnoarch@gmail.com

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