CFP: Ceramic through the Millenia

We have received the following call for abstracts for a session to be held at the 13th EAA Annual Meeting in Zadar, Croatia 18-23 September 2007:

Ceramic through the Millennia: methods, approaches, results

The session is devoted to the all aspects of ceramic studies from methods of recovery and preservation to experimental archaeology, from ethnoarchaeological research to new forms of analysis. Temporally, we will deal with archaeologists who deal with the first appearance of clay vessels up to the Iron Age. We are interested in inviting scholars who wish to discuss different methods (including statistical methods) for researching ceramic artifacts and the history of the different methods used around the world. Studies that look at differences in shape, ornamentation, production, and function are particularly welcome. We would also like to look at the ways in which ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological analyses enhance our understanding of past ceramic production and consumption. Our main emphasis, however, will be on look at how ceramic analysis can help us to better understand societies and cultures of Europe and neighboring territories in the past. It is our hope that this session can address common methodological problems that we all face. We also wish to discuss how differences in ceramic production, form, and style can help us understand archaeological cultures, the migration of ancient groups, and past cultural interaction. Can ceramic artifacts reflect culture contact? Do center/periphery models help us understand the consumption and distribution of ceramics in the past? Is ceramic trade linked to innovations in metallurgy? Is ceramic technology linked with social development? We hope to address many of these questions in our session. In addition, we would like to invite participants who work with ceramic artifacts in many contexts from burials to settlements, unusual ceramic items, and/or unique decorative styles.

Please send the title of your papers as son as possible but not later April 1, 2007 and abstract by May 30!

Session organizers:

Oleg Mochalov (Russia, Samara State Pedagogical University, Institute for History and Archaeology of Volga region)

Taras Tkachuk (Ukraine, National Preserve of monuments “Ancient Galich”, Halich)

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