CHAT 2006 programme

The fourth annual meeting of the CHAT conference group on contemporary and historical archaeology will take place at the University of Bristol between Friday 10 – Sunday 12 November 2006. The theme for CHAT 2006 is ‘Method and Practice in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology’.

The conference brings together researchers from North America, Europe and South Africa, and comprises seven sessions, all of which are plenary:

– ‘Method and Materiality’,
– ‘Method and Politics’,
– ‘Archaeology, Oral History and Memory’,
– ‘Method in Community Archaeology and Contemporary Archaeology’,
– ‘Hybrid Archaeologies: Archaeological Method and Artistic Practice’,
– ‘Method and Documents’
– ‘Method and Modernity’

Keynote Papers will be given by Dr Gavin Lucas (University of Iceland) and Professor Laurie Wilkie (University of California, Berkeley).

Professor Matthew Johnson (Southampton University), Professor Mary Beaudry (Boston University), Professor Anne Yentsch (Atlantic State University) and Kate Clark (Heritage Lottery Fund) will act as discussants.

Concluding remarks will be provided by Professor Peter S. Wells (Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota).

Further details and the full schedule are online here.

Further information: (academic programme) or (delegate registration).

CHAT 2006 is supported by a grant from the Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts.

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