New offprint system for EJA authors

Adrienne Gordon from SAGE Publications has informed us about a new system of offprints for EJA authors.

We are pleased to say that we are about to change in the way in which we provide offprints to article authors.

You might have received information regarding this already, but this is to confirm what is taking place. We are introducing an online-based system (powered by Cadmus ArticleWorks) for authors to download pdfs of their articles, which will replace the sending out of paper offprints. The first-named or designated author will be sent an email giving them a link to a pdf of their article. This pdf can be downloaded to their own computer from where they can print off copies as required; the file will be encrypted so that it cannot be shared with others or sent.

Authors will also be able to pass the link to their article directly to colleagues. The first author will have to share the number of links with co-authors. They can send the link to up to 24 people before the number of entitled ‘accesses’ runs out (once it hits 25 downloads). Henceforward they will be able to purchase additional access rights via Cadmus ArticleWorks.

We will continue to send complimentary copies of the journal to the lead or designated author as we currently do.

There are a number of benefits to switching to an online system for offprints. It will allow authors to access their article as soon it is available online, rather than having to wait for paper offprints to arrive. It should also lead to more reliable delivery, as we often find that postal addresses are out-of-date, whereas email addresses are easier to amend and maintain. And it meets an increasing demand from authors to receive a final electronic version/pdf of their article, but in a way that is safe and controlled, thereby protecting the online journal for paid subscribers only.

As far as the Reviews section is concerned, Adrienne writes:

We plan to send review editors an email giving access to the pdf for the reviews section. Because arrangements for reviews vary widely between journals, we will leave it to review editors to decide how to communicate with reviewers and book publishers – perhaps by forwarding the link to the whole pdf, perhaps by printing out selected pages.

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