A letter from the TEA editor

Michael Potterton, editor of The European Archaeologist, the EAA newsletter, has sent us the following email:

Dear EAA Members,

Hello from the editor of TEA: The European Archaeologist!

It was great to see and talk with many of you at the recent EAA Conference in Cracow – I hope you have all arrived home safely. For those of you who were not able to make the trip, there will be a variety of reports and summaries in the forthcoming issue of TEA.

That issue (no. 26) will be circulated to you in early November and I am contacting you all now to remind you that the deadline for contributions is Monday 16 October. Please forward items for inclusion to me via e-mail at michael@discoveryprogramme.ie

I am particularly keen to receive short articles (in the region of 500 words) relating to current research projects and heritage issues in the various countries and regions across Europe. Please include illustrations, where appropriate! You may also use TEA to advertise or report on conferences, seminars, workshops or events that you believe are of interest to EAA members. If you have any other comments or suggestions relating to this or any other issue of TEA, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Could all SESSION ORGANISERS from the Cracow Conference please send me a short (c.300-word) summary of their session(s) for inclusion in TEA. These summaries will be of particular interest to those of our members who were not able to attend the conference or the specific sessions in question.

Similarly, could all Chairs of Working Parties, Round Tables and other Committees please e-mail me a report on their most recent meetings, discussions and developments. Such reports enable members to keep up-to-date with the work of these important groups, and to make useful and informed suggestions and contributions.

With every best wish and many thanks to you all,


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