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While this Spring Issue of The European Archaeologist contains another two session reports from the 20th Annual Meeting in Istanbul, 2014, we are also already looking forward to the 21st Annual Meeting. From 2-5 September 2015, archaeologists and heritage managers from Europe and the world will meet in Glasgow to join what again will be a major archaeological conference. The conference organizers are astounded to announce that there is the incredible number of 1976 submissions of papers or posters. This is exceptional and we would like to thank everyone involved for their contributions and diligence in promoting the Call for Papers. There may be about 180 sessions, and all of you who proposed a paper or poster presentation will be informed within the next few days. The full academic programme will be published on 31 May 2015 (see

We would also like to remind all delegates that September is a very busy month for the city of
Glasgow. Please ensure you book your accommodation soon to avoid availability issues. You can book through our Delegate Accommodation page or use an alternative provider if you prefer.

Personally, I am also looking forward to the Glasgow meeting - and looking back at five years of editing and publishing The European Archaeologist, the newsletter for EAA members by EAA members. Starting with TEA issue No. 33 in May 2010, I've now been responsible for twelve issues - including the current Spring Issue No. 44 - supported by Lidka Zuk as assistant and Jennifer Sharman as language editor - sincere thanks are given to both of them, as well as to the numerous contributors! Everyone has helped make TEA a lively forum for debate and exchange of information. Now I think it is time to pass the baton on and to hand over responsibility to a new team.

And I am very happy to say that we were able to engage a well-versed and prolific team to continue the work and, I’m sure, leave their mark. The new TEA editors, starting with the Summer Issue 2015, No. 45, are Katharina Rebay-Salisbury and Roderick Salisbury.

You can contact Katharina and Roderick and submit your reports, announcements and debate papers as usual via

This issue of TEA tackles some very urgent topics. The contributions by Andrea Vianello, Jennifer Morscheiser-Niebergall and Valentin Homberger reveal heavy discrepancies: on the one hand, archaeology and cultural heritage are of fundamental public interest and our colleagues are engaging in new forms of knowledge transfer; on the other hand, budget cuts even in "rich" countries threaten both museums and heritage management, while at the same time, the market for archaeological objects in these "rich" countries enables looted artefacts to be sold to private collectors and to become part of the financing of terrorism.

This issue also contains information on the new EAA monograph series, which is part of the recent EAA initiatives, and on the forthcoming elections of a new President, two Ordinary Board Members and a Nomination Committee member. Marc Lodewijckx, Secretary, and Margaret Gowen, Treasurer, invite you to read and comment on the report on EAA's new business model that will be published at the end of May. And there are many more important issues that need opinion, exchange of ideas and debate, including the newly founded Oscar Montelius Foundation (OMF) and the untimely death of its chairman Willem Willems (see the Letter to our Members in this issue and in TEA No. 43, 2015, 10-11). Referring to Carsten Paludan-Müller’s Opinion Editorial in the Winter Issue, No. 43, I therefore want to take the opportunity to encourage you to take part in discussion and decision-making, using TEA as your forum. As outgoing TEA editor, I am hoping that you continue and increase your engagement and voice your concerns and ideas via this newsletter, as well as during the Annual Business Meeting (ABM) at the conferences. Glasgow 2015 is the next opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing many of you there again!

Alexander Gramsch
TEA Editor